Finnabair - Clock Keepsake - Thursday 8 November PM (4 hrs)



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Finnabair - Clock Keepsake - Thursday 8 November PM (4 hrs)

Clock Keepsake-


Thursday 8 November

3pm - 7pm

Altered clock frame with beautiful colours, textures and rusty details.

During this class we will be working on inside and outside of the metal clock frame. We will focus on altering techniques which will make your project beautiful and unique - adding details, textures and colours using popular range of art mediums from mixed-media collection by Finnabair - you will have a chance to try such products as soft and heavy gels and texture pastes in composition with Art Ingredients and a range of Art Alchemy paints. Together we will build our projects step-by-step and and you will see that presented techniques are very versatile and be easily used on many other projects such as collage or journal pages.

I'll share my experience with you and try to give you plenty of information about tools and products used. "Clock Keepsake" is an exciting to dive into world of 3D mixed-media and altering, working with pastes, paints and art ingredients of different kinds.

Teacher will supply all the paints, mediums and elements needed to finish the project.

This class is suitable both for advanced and beginning students.